Andrew Sweeting

Professor of Economics at the University of Maryland

Serving as Director of the Bureau of Economics, Federal Trade Commission in 2020

Submitted Papers

"Repositioning and Market Power After Airline Mergers", with Sophia Li, Joe Mazur, James Roberts, Yongjoon Park and Jun Zhang, July 2018

Winner of the Robert F. Lanzillotti Prize for the Best Paper in Antitrust Economics 2018


Current Version

March 2016 version

Working Papers
"A Model of Non-Stationary Dynamic Price Competition with an Application to Platform Design", September 2015

(please request copy)

"Dynamic Oligopoly Pricing with Asymmetric Information: Implications for Horizontal Mergers", with Xuezhen Tao and Xinlu Yao

October 2019

Work in Progress (please contact for more information)

"Ad Targetting", with Carl Mela and John Singleton

"Competition with Learning-By-Doing and Strategic Buyers", with Hui Shen, Xinlu Yao and Calvin Jia