Professor of Economics at the University of Maryland​ & Chair of the Department of Economics

Andrew Sweeting

Submitted Papers

"Dynamic Oligopoly Pricing with Asymmetric Information: Implications for Horizontal Mergers", with Xuezhen Tao and Xinlu Yao,  Dec 2023, Forthcoming American Economics Journal: Microeconomics

Older version (NBER WP 28589)

Accepted Version


"Should We Expect Uncertain Merger Synergies to Be Passed Through to Consumers?", with Mario Leccese, Xuezhen Tao and Xinlu Yao, revision re-submitted to Journal of Industrial Economics, March 2024

Old version (CEPR DP 17059)

Current version

​"Bargaining and Dynamic Price Competition", April 2024, with Shanglyu Deng, Dun Jia and Mario Leccese, submitted

Submitted Version

Old Working Papers
"A Model of Non-Stationary Dynamic Price Competition with an Application to Platform Design", September 2015

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